Airport Security Holiday Travel Tips

Airport Security Holiday Travel Tips

Before arriving:

• Prepare your 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag of liquids before arriving at the airport

• Monitor local broadcasts for announcements of security checkpoint delays at local airports

• Pack all your coats and jackets in your checked baggage when possible • Do not wrap gifts

• Check-in online • Check your flight status online

• Review TSA’s Security Procedures for “Getting through the Line Faster” • Wear easy to remove and replace shoes • Plan to arrive to the airport earlier than normal Airport Arrival:

• Approach the initial security check-point with your drivers’ license/passport and paper boarding pass or electronic boarding pass in hand.

• While waiting for the next available security screener / metal detector, remove and place in bins: κκ all metal (i.e. belt buckle, coins, eye glasses, etc.) κκ plastic, zip-top bag of liquids κκ items from your pockets, including mobile phone κκ shoes κκ laptops from bag and place in separate bin κκ coat

• Do not engage in trash talk about security or do anything else to call attention to yourself – this will only make it worse.

• Remember, if you are selected for an enhanced pat-down, you have the right to request it be done in private

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