The saying, “There is no substitute for experience,” definitely applies to travel.
The insight and knowledge we have comes from our personal experiences, living and traveling throughout the length and breadth of South America. We have roughed it out and luxed it up in all of the destinations we feature; sampled the cuisine, and gotten familiar with everything from local events to weather patterns.

Along with experience, we bring a deep love and passion for these magnificent countries and cultures. Eureka Travel is very much a family affair. The idea for Eureka Travel was born in early July 2004 while Analia Rupar-Przebieda, an Argentinian native, was traveling with her future husband, Darek, to Eureka Sand Dunes in Death Valley, a special place for them. They had been talking about Analia having her own travel agency for quite some time, but while visiting this beautiful spot they had their “Eureka!” moment. It was time. A few weeks later on her birthday, Darek told Analia he had reserved the domain name on the web as a gift. Now that’s 21st century love! His belief was the spark that set Analia in motion, and they began to work, determined to make Eureka Travel a reality. She was open for business in the fall of 2006.

The family spirit has only grown as Analia’s sister Cecilia became involved and joined the team in 2011. Cecilia hold a bachelor degree in Tourism. With similar hotel and tourism background as her younger sister, and her home base being Argentina, she naturally fits into the company as the main contact in South America. As a native and an avid traveler, she is an invaluable source of information to our clients and her presence in the area assures them that they will be looked after for the duration of their trip.

We have a passion for helping our clients discover this amazing continent for themselves, from the sights, to the flavors, to the delightful people. We provide customized travel packages because we want you to enjoy your South American trip in your own way, and at your own speed.

At Eureka Travel we create an authentic level of experience like no other – the vibrancy of the food, wine, landscapes, and wildlife – are presented in ways that make for unforgettable memories. We specialize in South American travel because we can offer the world in a single continent – every kind of experience imaginable: soccer, polo, fashion, architecture, café society and antiquing, glacier hiking, tortoise and penguin watching, waterfalls, and wine. Whatever you want – you will find it in South America.

Explore this site for more information on our featured destinations and packages, and contact us if you have questions, or would like us to get started on helping you build your trip today.


Why Choose Us




Two Sisters

The sisters were born and raised in Buenos Aires, lived and studied in northern Patagonia, have extensively traveled to many parts of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay & Ecuador and are fluent in Spanish and English.

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Our own experience

Darek and Analia return to South America each year not only to see family but also to continue to do research regarding travel to new and exciting places in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador and Bolivia. They attend new venues for tango shows, visit upcoming restaurants and hotels, meet the guides, and take adventure tours.

Relationships with local suppliers

Analia has worked in the travel industry since 1996 and over the years has developed personal relationships with many local suppliers and tour companies who are specialists in their regions.


We are locals

Cecilia has been also working in the travel industry since 1988 and lives in Patagonia since 1990.

One region specialists

Unlike other generalist companies that offer trips all over the world, we specialize in one region. We truly love South America and believe this wondrous and vibrant place offers experiences like no other on earth. We do not merely make your travel arrangements; we offer the South American experience with insights into language, culture, history, eco-systems, and unique ways of life.


Tailormade trips

We do not offer a cookie cutter approach to our trips. We are highly aware that no two travelers have the same needs and interests. Each trip is customized based on the input from the client, his or her budget, and time constraints.

So whether you would like to learn tango in Buenos Aires, trek the Inca Trail in Peru, cruise to the Antarctic, experience the power of water in Iguazu Falls, or taste the finest Carmenere wine in the Colchagua Valley in Chile, our goal is to turn your dream trip into reality.

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