We would like to share with you some new requirements and forms that all of our travelers will have to completer BEFORE traveling to Easter Island.
In January 2019 we already informed you about the changes in the entry regulations for visitors to Easter Island.


The traveller still has to complete the entry form (Formulario Único de Ingreso – FUI) BEFORE departure. It is not allowed to board the plane and enter the Easter Island area without filling in this form.

NEW is that since September the FUI form can no longer be found on the PDI website, but under the following link: https://ingresorapanui.interior.gob.cl/ 

The traveller must show the paper confirmation or show it digitally on the mobile phone. If the form is not completed in advance using the link above, it must be requested and completed at LATAM’s check-in desk.

In addition, it is now necessary to show a receipt with the reservation data of the accommodation before entering the Easter Islands. This reservation receipt will be issued by us when travelArt has made the accommodation reservation.

Note: Information provided by our partner in Chile Travel ART. Gracias!