Nirihuau – area Las Buitreras o “nido de cóndores” = Condor’s nest – Vultures area.

Bariloche is located in front of the beautiful Nahuel Huapi Lake and it is famous for the beauty of its lakes, mountains and forest. But… toward the “other side” of the Andes going east to the coast  you will find an amazing steppe that is full of unique moon landscapes, geoforms that look like mushrooms, birds like the kingfisher and condors that were flying over us while we took a hike there last week. There was once small condor that was with us all the time! We recommend this for travelers that want to explore areas that are not so “explore”, for families or for photographers and birdwatchers 🙂

The photos are our photos (Cecilia from Eureka Travel and her friends) and it is worth a walk and drive to other areas less visited outside Bariloche and enjoy a peaceful time with friends or alone! Dont miss it 🙂