When traveling to Patagonia lake district in the Chilean side there are good options for accommodation but we would like to share this newer hotel called AWA that has an splendid view of the Osorno Volcano!

The snowcapped volcano can be appreciated from any one of the beautiful 16 bedrooms. All lovely decorated bedrooms face the same direction and floor to floor windows, uncluttered space with well-placed beds combined to point towards the volcano peak with colors changing from the ever rotating Andean weather.

AWA hotel is no mere frame for a pretty picture. Asymmetrical steel and glass façade and volcanic rock interior walls to open fires and roughhewn Mapuche fabrics this is the ultimate hybrid of cosy and cool, urban and wild. During the day it´s a short hop to the volcano itself or churning Petrohue waterfalls. Consult your travelArtist to include AWA hotel when visiting the breath taking Lake District. 

Photos courtesy from Hotel Awa Chile.