We arrive in Iguazu Falls

We arrive in Iguazu Falls

Brazilian side of the falls
Panorama of the falls, viewed from Brazil

Iguazu, or in correct spelling Ygazu, means big water. And big it is!

After leaving Buenos Aires and running some appointments and errands we left for Iguazu Falls in the northeast province of Misiones. We literally hit the ground running. After a 80 min flight from Buenos Aires we had about 45 min in the hotel (a condo really) and we got picked up for an excursion to the Falls on the Brazilian side. It has been 10 years for Ana and 6 years for me since the last visit here. It was absolutely amazing seeing the Falls again! Such a display of Nature’s power. 2.7 km in length over 270 individual falls it is one of my favorite places on the planet that I have visited.

We took lots of pictures, took short films and got sprayed by the water.

I will post some more photos soon.


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