New flights within CHILE!

New flights within CHILE!

We are glad to share some good news for traveling within CHILE.

When planning a trip within CHILE we always we have great options for internal flights with LATAM airlines. But there are destinations like Southern Patagonia that have ( so far) one airport with commercial flights like Punta Arenas. This means that  if you would like to visit Torres del Paine NP and you are going from Santiago de Chile you have to fly down to Punta Arenas and take a bus or a transfer to Torres del Paine NP  (approximately 3 hours ride Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales + 2 hours to Torres de Paine= 5 hours total).

The good news is that starting in Dec 6th 2016 LATAM is offering a direct flight from Santiago to Puerto Natales twice a week ( Tuesdays and Saturdays) during the busiest months ( DEC through FEBRUARY 25th 2017). This will shorten your travel time by plane and by land 🙂

Another good news from LATAM is that starting in October there will be a direct flight from Santiago to the island of Chiloe ( 4 times a week) without the usual stopover in Puerto Montt. This will shorten your travel time from 3 to 1:45 hours!


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