Llamas, volcanoes and Papallacta hot springs.

Llamas, volcanoes and Papallacta hot springs.

We finally arrived late in Quito last night at about 11 pm. Our guide Paul was waiting for us and took us to hacienda Rumi Loma on the outskirts of Quito where we spent the night. After a very comfortable night and much needed sleep we got picked up in the morning by Paul and headed out for a full first day in Ecuador. We crossed this hilly city with some delays due to congestion but finally reached green mountains to the southeast, headed for the national park, home to Antisana
Volcano. It is a high country out there and some point we reached the altitude over 4000 meters above sea level. This was a bit challenging coming from Miami less than 24 hours ago.
We took a short hike to get a better view of the Antisana volcano which was partially covered by clouds but you could see its slopes covered with snow.
Then we traced our way back and took another road to the famed Termas Papallacta, hot springs located in an old caldera of the long extinct volcano. On the way there we stopped in a typical roadside diner for a bite of a fresh trout. The hot springs were a great treat after long day and yesterday’s flights. We soaked in different pools for about an hour and finally returned to Quito and its traffic. Paul dropped us off in Rumi Loma for our second night and the poor guy was finally able to go home to his wife and a kid.
I am sharing some of the photos of the day. Tomorrow we are off to the Galapagos!














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