Malbec May – Eureka Travel 5th year celebration

Malbec May – Eureka Travel 5th year celebration

Hello everyone!

Thank you again for attending our Malbec May party. We hope you all enjoyed the music, wine and food and the dance.

We would like to announce again the winner of our photo contest which was picture #7 “Main Square in Santiago, Chile” an unusual reflection of a building in glass windows. The picture was taken by Mig Migirdicyan of Toronto, Canada.

After the blind tasting of three Argentine wines the most popular turned out to be Las Hormigas Malbec, 2009. Although we intended only one prize for the best description of the wine we ended up with a four way tie. Marcie won for her most colorful and sense evoking sentence; Lilo for her most dry and anti- wine establishment note;  Steve for his technical expertise and finally Chris for the longest running and bumbling sentence ever written about the wine.

Again a warm thank you to all who helped with the event: Joanie, Jasson, Jarrod, Mieke, Marisa, Jessie, Gianina and AndreMurray ( from The Bern Agency) and the setting up/clean up crew. Also a thank you to Ramsey’s at the Club restaurant for providing space.

We will post more photos soon!

Analia and Darek

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