Ezeiza airport is getting ready to accommodate Aeroparque flights

Ezeiza airport is getting ready to accommodate Aeroparque flights

Aeroparque will be closed starting October 20th 2010

The mega project under way at Ezeiza International Airport will make it possible to operate the flights relocated from Jorge Newbery City Airport, also known as Aeroparque, as from October 20. This is due to the provisional terminal closure. Such closure to refurbish the runway will last 45 days.*

Once completed in the year 2013, Ezeiza will have capacity to serve 13 million passengers and 90,000 operations a year. In addition, it will rely on 186,000 square meters of aprons. One of the major features of the project is its division into phases. The project was organized in phases to allow for operations at the airport without disturbing service quality and to accommodate flights from Aeroparque.

After its completion, the new passengers’ terminal will be a building made by the existing check-in hall of Terminal A (northern hall), a new similar check-in hall, a new pier (southern) for domestic operations, a large building for boarding and deplaning operations, and the old – yet restructured and refurbished – International Terminal Building.

The project started in September of last year with the demolition of the old Terminal C. The foundation phase and the installation of the concrete structure have been completed. Besides, the installation of the metal structure has ended as well. At present, the new building has power, thermomechanical, sanitation, weak current, and fire-protection networks already in place.
In the month of October and to accommodate the flights relocated from Aeroparque, the tasks carried out in the building basement (of what will be the new passengers’ terminal) will have brand-new baggage belts, check-in positions, and security control stands. Their purpose is to provide top-quality services to every passenger who will take flights at the major airport terminal in the country during this 45-day period.

The terminal will welcome all domestic and regional passengers in its building featured by an area of 7,200 m2, 2 baggage claim belts, 3 security control positions, and 20 check-in positions. Outside the building, 25,000 m2 will be used for parking lots. Thus, 370 positions will be added to the existing facilities.

This sector of the building will be provisionally open until December 5 – to replace the services provided at Aeroparque. Then, the previously launched work plan will be resumed.


The City Airport or Aeroparque will be closed as from Wednesday, October 20, until December 5. An ambitious work plan will be carried out during such period. Its aim is to enhance safety at the airport and so far, for which an investment of 60 million pesos has been foreseen.

The runway will be completely rebuilt for the first time in the last 50 years. It will be widened to 45 meters to meet ICAO standards for airports operating regional flights. New daylight marking, markers, and control systems will be installed, as well as a new power station. Furthermore, the slabs on taxiways and aprons will be repaired.
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