In living color in Pelourinho

In living color in Pelourinho

Old, colorful Pelourinho

We returned to Bahia 2 days ago and met with Ana’s parents who came here from Argentina. We rented an apartment in a 27 story shoreline condo. We have a magnificent view to the west, over the bay and the port of Salvador.

This is where our trip comes to an end. But having a few days together we explored a couple of local beaches, listened to music, ate great food and enjoyed walking through the colorful Old Town of Bahia called Pelourinho. There you can see ladies in their traditional costumes, browse through countless souvenir stores or simply admire colonial architecture which this place is known for. A good place to stop for an inexpensive bite is where the locals eat, a place called comida a kilo, where you have a buffet style serving and you pay by the weight of your plate. We ate at a place where 100 grams cost 1.35 Reales (roughly U$D5 per pound of food).

Unfortunately the weather has been intermittently rainy so we could not get a full day at the beach. But we compensated the time by doing a little of shopping for some fun clothing and just exploring the city.

Well, this is for the blog. I hope those of you who actually read it enjoyed it and got a little bit of an insight to Brazil. We will post more pictures on Flicker and Kodak Gallery when we are back at home.

We would like to thank all the good people who either hosted us or helped us on this trip and contributed to good memories.

Muito obrigado and ciao from Bahia.

Darek and Ana

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