The long journey to Morro de Sao Paolo

The long journey to Morro de Sao Paolo

After the relaxing Amazon cruise we took a late night flight from Manaus, 2 am, to Salvador de Bahia to continue our journey. Our next destination was a boutique hotel on a remote beach of the Ilha Tinhare, south of Bahia. Typically the trip can take 2-2.5 hrs by a catamaran or a boat. But what we found out is that when the sea gets a bit rough the trip gets diverted partially by land which adds another 2 hrs. This was the case the day we arrived. We finally arrived in Morro de Sao Paolo, a small town on the northern tip of Tinhare at about 5 pm and to our hotel we still had to drive by jeep another 30 min. we were exhausted by the time we got to the “paradise”. The whole trip from Manaus to the hotel took over 15 hrs, 4.5 of it just from Salvador to Morro.

Las Oreixas hotel is pretty far from Morro but there are few pousadas sharing the coastline next to it. It is a very quiet and peaceful place with its own beach, private cabins peppered throughout a palm grove, beautiful pool and lounge chasers set right on the edge of the beach to enjoy romantic moments. Perfect for couples retreat and therefore more disappointing when we arrived there with a family with 2 small kids who managed to wake us up next morning at 8 am screaming in the pool. Another little disappointment was the fact that the sea here is very shallow as there is a coral reef about 1-2 km out. Add to it the receding tide, and we were wading in an ankle deep water for hundreds of meters out. No way to swim.

But apart from that it is a nice place for a low key relaxed stay. They offer activities and shuttle service back to Morro several times per day where the action is. We stayed there 2 nights and it was our luck that it rained and was windy the following day. We made the most out of it by taking long walks on the beach and just relaxing. We needed the rest and sleep. The food and service were very good and also added to an overall good experience.

Morro itself was super busy as it was a weekend and on top of that a holiday here in Brazil. It is a quaint little town with streets of sand, plenty of boutique shops offering clothes and souvenirs, restaurants and plenty of festive atmosphere. This is where a lot of young Bahians get away for a party weekend.

On our way back to Bahia we took a smaller speedboat and the trip took less than 2 hrs, and we were treated to the panoramic views of Bahia and the port.

Our "taxi" on Morro
The beach at our retreat
Morro beach #2

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