Iguazu Falls, Argentine side

Iguazu Falls, Argentine side

Devil’s Throat

Our third day in Iguazu Falls we went on the full day excursion to the national park on the side of Argentina. 80% of the falls are located on this side and 20% in Brazil. Argentine side has more trails developed; has an ecological train which takes you to the upper trail from where the largest waterfall Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) can be seen; and is generally better maintained.

It was awesome to see the falls again up close and feel and hear the roar of the water. In the latter part of the day we went on the Great Adventure trip which is a boat ride on the river. The boat took us close to the falls, as close as safely possible and we got soaked. They call it a shower ride because the spray of water is immense. It is an adrenaline rush to be so close to such power and at the same time it is a lot of fun. Then the boat took us 6 km down the river over some rapids and finally we returned to the main visitor area on a 4×4 truck learning a little about the jungle.

As we waited for the ride back to town, we decided to have our first Caipirinha at the famous Sheraton Iguazu hotel as it is located in the park. The hotel  has a great view on the falls and is a popular although not cheap place to stay. The drink was quite strong and we both laughed our way back to the bus.

As if we didn’t have enough of the Falls we decided to return the same night for the tour by the moonlight. We were lucky to be here during the 5 days of full moon. The Falls by night are another sight, surreal and powerful experience as the sense of sound and vibration is greater than just visual feast.

We finally crashed in our room after midnight.

Riding the boat to the falls
Yours truly enjoying Caipirinha
Falls by the moonlight

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