Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow… It is this time of the year again, Thanksgiving, family, friends,cheering, being thankful…

This year at Eureka Travel we are very thankful of being able to celebrate 10 years in business, with ups and downs we keep moving and improving to be able to offer the best experience in South America for our clients.
Our work is a challenge sometimes, when solving problems for clients, and it is very rewarding on other moments when travelers come back happy and we were able to be part of that unique trip & vacation they  had in mind. Our team works very hard every day to make that trip a personal one and local experience in the countries we offer and love 🙂

I am personally very thankful to be able to work with one of my sisters. Cecilia makes the work day very happy and we certainly have a lot of fun when working together ( and some dissagreements too! ) But we complement each other in a lot of work duties so that shows on how we handle each task and responsibility while giving the best for our clients:)

On the personal side, I am first thankful for another healthy year and  for my beautiful family. My husband and daughter are my support every day and they make the day fun and full of happiness and smiles!

I am also very thankful for my dad’s health that had some challencges this year  and for the rest of my family here and there that is doing well and thriving. Even that we cannot enjoy every holiday together, we all know the important things are not JUST the HOLIDAY or remembering each other only at Thanksgiving. So we enjoy each other when we can and that is already a very unique moment even that there might not be turkey 🙂

And thank you, gracias, obrinado, merci  & dzięki for trusting us when you travel to South America, for your referrals, for coming back, for your support and being part of our Eureka Travel family.



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