Ending Olympic games RIO 2016 reflexions.

Ending Olympic games RIO 2016 reflexions.

A lot of us has been following the amazing Olympic games on the TV since they started on Aug 5th  and will be held until this weekend.

So far the medals and competitions have been amazing and USA, Great Britain, China, Germany are on the countries with more medals won! So congrats to them and all other countries that are participating and wining.

On the other hand, I wanted to mention a little bit more of my experience with the Olympic games for less winner countries not only from South America:)

Some of you might agree or remember your own home country, some of you might not and some also will be thankful that we have so  many opportunities in the USA to play pretty much any sport that we would like as I am.

  • Playing a sport at your school or university, at least in Argentina, is not so popular in the sense that nobody might help you with sponsorships, scholarships, etc.
  • Majority of olympians are regular people and workers, that LOVE their sport and sacrifice their life and family life’s in order to get to the olympics even that there might not win any medals.
  • Olympic was a great time to learn about new sports or sports we normally dont follow or see at all in the TV.
  • As kids we were waiting with excitement to see is anybody from our countries was even able to qualify and be there representing us!

Unfortunately, Brazil has been criticized a lot by the media before the games, people were afraid of traveling there for their political situations, for safety, for their water, etc.

But I am glad to see that the games are happening with great emotions, smaller countries that we didn’t even know before are there participating, players are very friendly to each other ( if not check out the 5K run this week and the amazing attitude of both runners USA/New Zealand), there are new records happening at a lot of sports. We are learning about different disciplines and discovering new and not so new athletes their hard work and sacrifice to even just BE there and carry their countries flag.

This is the 1st time that this unique world event is being held at a South American country and, mistakes and critics apart, I am glad to see it every day on the TV, news, social media and enjoy its colorful beaches, the amazing carnival costumes, their locals and visitors celebrating so many nice sports!

So enjoy the final Olympic weekend, watch the closing ceremony and maybe even taste a traditional Brazilian “CAIPIRINHA” since we will have to wait another 4 years to enjoy the next one 🙂 SALUD!

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