Father’s day gift? why not a trip?

Father’s day gift? why not a trip?

Since Father’s Day is approaching in majority of countries around the world ( 3rd Sunday of June) I started to think about it and my personal family celebrations. So, why not plan a small trip, a day excursion, a breakfast together, a dream trip for hiking in Patagonia or a camping trip around your area? 

I personally think that spending time with him would be a much better experience than just a gift. The reason why I am suggesting this is because of my husband’s tradition with his Dad. They take a short camping trip when they can. Sometimes it is around Father’s Day, sometimes not. But the idea of spending time alone with his dad, especially since they are both fathers, I think is more important than the gift itself.  I love that they still try to make it, within our busy lives, maybe less often than before. But the memories and connection they have is such a nice thing to see that I hope we can create with our daughter as well with our style and interests 🙂 

In my experience we are 4 daughters, we lived in a busy, crowded house, so Fathers’s Day always meant a family meal on that Sunday with my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas and whichever friend /family member was alone that day. My dad’s birthday is always around the same time so we always joked about giving him” 1/2 gift” like one shoe on his birthday ( June 17th) and the 2nd one on Father’s Day, the other “1/2 gift. I don’t remember if we ever did it but the joke was always there. 

Here I am with my Dad  & my daughter

So even that we don’t have the tradition that my husband has, I still remember my dad taking each of us for an afternoon visiting traditional places in downtown Buenos Aires like “LA MARTONA” (I used to order “panqueque con dulce de leche & licuado de banana”= caramel pancake and banana smoothie), have a pizza at “LAS CUARTETAS” and maybe go to the movie as well. It was a big treat, at least for me, and I do remember those times much  more than any gift we gave him 🙂 

At Eureka Travel we have had some great father & son, father & daughter, mother & daughter teams as clients who took trips together and enjoyed their time outside their everyday routine. I really love the idea of being able to be part of those experiences even just helping organizing it. 

Happy Father’s day to all! Especially to my Dad and my husband 🙂



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