Buenos Aires from the air, 90 years ago

Buenos Aires from the air, 90 years ago

adapted from the  original article which appears in laNacion.com

In the 20 and the 30 Juan Baptist Borra and Enrique Broszeit, two young pilots and adventurers, flew over the city in a two-seater and registered in photos their routes; 90 years later their crazy adventure turned into an invaluable collection of photographs.

They were two audacious Bohemians who took any chance to fly over Buenos Aires learning the craft of aerial photography. It was the 20’s and little was known of this type of photography and very few such images of the city existed. Because of the work which Juan and Enrique did in those years it is possible today to compare and analyze different scenes and places.

Borra was the first one to photograph, working as an assistant to an English pilot Sydney Holland. In the latter part of the 20’s Broszeit also started photographing. The two young photographers met and became lifelong friends. Neither one of them was a pilot and they were strangers in the world of aviation which at that time belonged to the foreigners.

The cameras which these two amateurs used were Contessa Nettel, Voigtlander and Zeiss Ikon. Juan and Enrique had no idea that their at times crooked, hand-held and amateur photos would some day become so valuable.

All the images were in the private collection of the Borra family and they were never published. But since 2006, after an exhibition in the Congress of History of Photography in Rosario they came to public attention. The family did not intend to use the photographs for commercial use. Juan Carlos Borra, the son of Juan Baptist stated that the world of collectors is so closed and elitist that he decided to do the contrary and disseminate them and make available for public enjoyment.

All the photographic material is available at Histamar.com site. There are total of 126 photographs of pilots, places and the planes. 60 of the photographs depict Buenos Aires and surroundings.

please click on the link below to see the gallery of black and white photos

photo gallery

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