Argentina’s government issues a special permit for BBQ

Argentina’s government issues a special permit for BBQ

AFIP, the Argentine equivalent of the IRS in the US has issued a special application  required to obtain a permit to have a BBQ. The form requires filling out information regarding the quantity and the variety of meat planned for BBQ as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Should the participants also desire to drink mate during the party, additional form needs to be filled out. Prior consumption of appetizers must be reported on a separate form. In case of music being played at the event, there is a warning of a an intervention by another institution SADAIC responsible for orderly broadcasts.


Now let us all relax.

Special permit for asado is not necessary, at least not yet. This tongue-in-cheek application resembling an official form has been circulating the cyberspace and shared among Argentines as a satire of the recent developments in their country. The government of CFK (Christina Fernandez de Kirchner) has been imposing increasingly more restrictions on how Argentines are spending their money especially as it pertains to foreign travel and US dollars. It seems the government is becoming more controlling and intrusive which does not bode well with population of middle class and those who are accustomed to travel abroad.

to be continued…




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