Rojo Tango & mi Buenos Aires querido…

Rojo Tango & mi Buenos Aires querido…

I arrived in Buenos Aires last Wednesday and my sister Silvia was waiting for me at Ezeiza airport. To my surprise, Argentina started a new immigration control system, which much more modern including fingerprints and photo, very similar to the US.
For the clients that always ask me about how to pay the entrance fee (reciprocity fee) when you enter in Argentina, you could pay with almost anything:) US dollars, credit cards or even travelers checks. They do accept AmEx like any other card.

Back to my trip. I enjoyed some good time with my sister drinking mate like a good Argentine, and talking like in the old days. I picked up my niece from her school and took her for lunch and took a cab to my rented apartment in Palermo. I felt like I was there just a while ago. I love that feeling of coming home even when home is not here anymore:)

That night I went see another tango venue called Rojo Tango located inside Hotel Faena. A lot of times the travelers ask me for the difference between Rojo Tango and other shows because of the big difference in price. Well… I have to say that the show is very unique.  The setting is an intimate cabaret type of saloon, the food is amazing, and you can enjoy unlimited top of the line Argentine wine. The costumes are incredible and the mix they created between tango and cabaret is what makes this show unique. We all know that the tango is super sensual, but adding the cabaret and eroticism makes it even more appealing.
It was a great way to start my visit to my Buenos Aires querido…

During these couple of days I enjoyed visiting family and friends. My days go fast while meeting one friend at a cafe then maybe another one for lunch, picking up my nephews from school while visiting some  hotels, meeting our local suppliers and so on. It always goes super fast and I am busy all the time 🙂
But it’s always nice to be able to be back in Buenos Aires as well. I also enjoyed seeing my Aunt Myriam Rupar’s art work at a Cafe Notable called Bar de Cao!
I love to go to any cafe and have great medialunas or go to my uncle Jose’ s house for his traditional authentic asado!

My parents and my sister Cecilia also came to Buenos Aires from Bariloche. Cecilia works for Eureka Travel from her office in the Patagonian Lake District and she will be traveling with me to Uruguay on research.
My Mom came to participate in the South American Senior Ladies tennis tournament.  It was nice to see her with her friends and enjoy a nice tennis event at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis club.  I thought about my friends at Toluca Lake tennis club in Los Angeles and also all my years playing tennis in Buenos Aires when I was a child.

We spent the weekend together working and having good time with the family. Now we are crossing Rio de la Plata with Buquebus to Colonia in Uruguay so I will report more  from there!  For now, I am saying goodbye to mi Buenos Aires querido

Until next time.

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