Isla Santa Cruz and Floreana

Isla Santa Cruz and Floreana

We landed in Galapagos yesterday at about 10 am local time after 1hr and 40 min flight from Guayaquil. The islands are about 600 miles west of the mainland Ecuador and one hour ahead. It’s hot and humid, big difference from Quito where we stayed at the elevation of 2800 m above sea level. We are staying on Isla Santa Cruz in Puerto Ayora for the three nights and taking day trips. The first afternoon we took a short trip to one of the beaches called Garrapatero where we had an introduction to the awesome wildlife of the Galapagos. We kayaked along the shoreline for about an hour and we were able to see few marine iguanas, a sea turtle, blue footed booby and albatross. We also got a nice workout out of it and we even surfed a small wave at the end.

Today we took a full day trip south to Isla Floreana which has an interesting history of German settlers some of which mysteriously disappeared. The boat ride took 2 hours and we had a chance to see the bottle-nose dolphins playing and jumping out of water. On the island we visited a giant tortoise preserve and got a close up look at those awesome, prehistoric looking reptiles. After a delicious lunch the boat took us to a great snorkeling place called Devil’s Crown, a sheltered little bay. We swam with sea lions and saw penguins, variety of fish and even a manta ray. All in all we had a great day outdoors. After return to the port we enjoyed a cold beer while sitting by the waterfront and watching the boats come and go.
Finally we topped the day with a delicious backstreet meal of ceviche and fried fish with bananas, yum!

Here are some pics of the day:


















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